What is Kettlercise?


Kettlercise is an instructor lead, high energy, group fitness session.  It uses low weights (kettlebells) with high reps, to maximise fat burning, muscular endurance and weight loss.  It provides a total body workout, improving core stability and producing great muscle tone.


Each Kettlercise session consists of:

  • A basic warm-up

  • A kettlebell specific warm-up

  • The main work out of 35/37 exercises, performed for a minute each (at your own pace) in a continuous flow

  • A cool down with post work out stretches






More about Kettlercise


What is Kettlebells Tabata style and who is it for?


Explanation coming shortly, suffice to say it's 20 seconds work and 10s seconds rest, a proven system to burn fat and increase fitness levels.




If you are in any doubt as to whether you should attend the Hardcore class, or you have any other queries, please contact me.