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Welcome to Norwich Kettlercise!


Norwich Kettlercise was set up by me, Paul Hindley, in July 2012; providing a highly effective, affordable and fun kettlebell fitness class, open to all levels of fitness, you work at your own pace.


I was the first qualified RKPS Kettlercise Instructor in Norwich to offer you the benefits of Kettlercise. Over 8 years later, this has expanded to currently running five classes in the Norwich area, ranging from Kettlebells, High-Intensity Interval Training (Metafit), Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning, Tabata style Kettlebells and Bodyweight classes.


All my classes are instructor lead, group fitness sessions. All provide a total body workout, greatly improving core stability and muscle tone. These sessions will burn fat, increase muscular endurance and promote weight loss.

New routines are a regular feature and every class is different.


You can guarantee significant results if you put in the effort, keep it consistent and look after your diet. I'll always do my best to squeeze the best out of you, and keep you safe through your sessions with technique and form reminders.


My tagline is- Commitment, consistency, effort; no excuses!  Follow this tagline to guarantee yourself significant results and book your session now! What are you waiting for?


CLICK THE 'BOOK NOW' BUTTON (top right-hand corner) and make the move.



Paul- 07747752799








Covid-19 Timetable still in force.

Online Zoom classes only, as follows:

All evening classes from 6.00pm - 6.45pm

Monday- Kettlebells (KB) & Bodyweight

Tuesday- Strength & Conditioning (KB)

Wednesday- Bodyweight HIIT session.

6.30 am - 7.00 am

Thursday - Tabata Bodyweight Only      Saturday- Tabata KB, 8.00am - 8.45am 

Sessions £3.00ea PAYG or £9/week inclusive. Discounts the more classes you attend.



Normal business up to Tuesday 22nd December, so, last class Tuesday 6.00-6.45pm. Monday 28th from 8.30am-9.15am (this will be the Saturday class).

Saturday 2nd January back to business as usual.

Contact -  Paul- 07747752799





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